“I want you to know that when you have stepped out on faith and feel that things aren’t working out in your favor, hold on to your mental fortitude because God is in control.”

Zontaye Richardson -


It’s More than Clothing

It’s More than Clothing is the story of how one woman combined her faith with mental fortitude and became an entrepreneur. This book, part memoir, part journal, includes tips for business owners that will help you activate your faith and pursue your dreams. 

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Zontaye Richardson walked away from a career that she loved helping individuals with disabilities to pursue her vision. Although she loved what she was doing, God was calling Zontaye to create a community gathering space through a thrift store with a twist.


When she walked away from her job to open TheZe DealZ - A Thrifty Boutique, she walked into her destiny. 


“Read this book from cover to cover, not once, but three times, and then one more time. . . Recognize that your business has the potential to be both a money maker and an agent for good. 

Yvette R. Kelly-Fields

Nonprofit Senior Executive

Owner, Joe Lucille’s, www.joelucille.com

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